Snooker Etiquette – the unwritten rules of snooker

Snooker Etiquette – the unwritten rules of snooke

By Keynsham Snooker Centre: Snooker Etiquette – the unwritten rules of snooker

  1. Shake hands before and after a match regardless of the results.
  2. If you have knowingly committed a foul shot, you should own up to it.
  3. You should endeavour not to stand in the line of the opponents shot.
  4. You should make as little noise as is possible and not talk while it is your opponents turn.
  5. You should make an effort to re-spot the coloured balls for an opponent in a timely fashion.
  6. If a Player is in a situation where the number of snookers required is an unrealistic target, the player should concede the frame.
  7. If you have to walk past other tables wait until a Player has played his/her shot if at all possible.
  8. A Player should call out the points out during the break as they are made.
  9. If a genuine fluke has been made it is common courtesy to apologise to the opponent.
  10. At the end of a frame/match a Player should not offer excuses for poor play/bad luck etc., to an opponent who has played better than them.


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